Friday, 31 July 2009

Cuba, and the end of it

A belated post on Cuba, which seems pretty appropriate given that most things in the country involve waiting (they know how to do queues). I am also writing this from the other side of the Atlantic, back at home in the UK. Why? Because money and energy were both running thin. When travel becomes more of an effort than a pleasure, it's time to call it a day.

That said, I had a fascinating 10 days in Cuba. It is a country full of contradictions, one you leave with more questions than when you arrived. It is difficult (impossible, in fact) to do it justice in one blog post, so what I write will just be a few impressions and thoughts that stand out in my head. That is, in fact, what all of this blog has been.

Now, though, I don't even have the energy to write those impressions, so it will have to wait a while. I leave tomorrow for a week in the Lake District with the family - it will be a brilliant change to have everything organised for me. Here I am just one gringo among many, and I don't mind it at all. I was getting tired of the funny looks I got on the street.

P.S. This may be "The Gringo Diaries", but now that I have a blog going, I can't see any reason why it should stop (I even quite enjoy writing it!). So I'm afraid there's more to come...

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