Monday, 30 March 2009

Here we go...

So I've set this up to try to keep people updated with what I get up to in my trip to South America - otherwise I will end up breaking promises made to many individuals!

The plan as it stands:
Fly out to Peru on Wednesday evening, arrive Thursday morning. I am staying with a family in Pisac, a town near Cusco. The area's called the Sacred Valley - lots of Inca ruins, including Machu Picchu. I'm going to be teaching English in a rural school for three months. Which is very exciting, but also scary, given that the average class size is 40, and the ages range from 10 to 21!

So that takes me to the beginning of July - teaching, exploring the area, maybe a bit of trekking, trips to Lake Titicaca, who knows. Then the only fixed date I have after that is my flight back from Mexico City on the 24th of August. At the moment, I'm thinking: explore some of the rest of Peru, then Ecuador, Panama, up through Central America to Nicaragua/Honduras, then fly to Cuba. From there, I'll probably fly to Mexico City, see what there is to see there, and then catch my flight home. It's safe to say I'll be avoiding the north of the country - not to keen on getting caught up in the drug wars. I think there have been 8,000 dead over the last few years...

I reckon that's all for now. I have packing to do! I don't know how often I'll be posting to this - everything will depend on Internet access, which could be...variable.

Hasta luego

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